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George Condo: La Civilisation Perdu - by Diego Costa
Arbol de San Pascuál Bailón y La Cocina - by Bernardo González

Virgen de la Soledad - by Bernardo González
Untitled I, II (Olive and Black Series) - by David Schestenger
Elvis Puccini - by Les Zakarin
MetBaby - by Les Zakarin
"Prenez Soin de Vous" Installation by Sophie Calle - Review by Diego Costa

Freda Payne Tribute To Ella Fitzgerald, Iridium- by Steve Koenig
Jazkamer, Sunn O))) @ RADAR Festival - Review by Carlos Gómez
Kenny Drew, Jr.: "From Chopin To Ellington" - Review by Steve Koenig
American Opera Projects: Composers & The Voice: Six Scenes - Review by Steve Koenig

Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2017
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2016
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2015
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2014
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2013

Outtakes 5 - Players and Listeners - by Steve Dalachinsky
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2012
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2011

Vaginal Creme Davis in an original Performative Lecture/Oratorio
Bette Midler and the Continental Baths - by Jeff Auer
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2010
Does Free Improvisation Have A Future? - Tim Hodgkinson
Ben u Sen: A Photographic Essay In Diyarbakir, Turkey - by Savas Boyraz
Brainwave Festival: Out of Body, Out of Mind - by Chris Chalfant
Auschwitz Is A Drag: Bowie, Mussorgsky and Heroes and Villains - by Steve Koenig
Irving Stone Memorial Concert 2003 - by Steve Smith

The Harley Gaber Interviews - Part One - by Robert Reigle
Defragmented Sound: The Music of Germán Bringas - by Steve Koenig
Yoko Ono: Not Getting Enough: #1 Dance Hit, Two Virgins & Plastic Ono Band -
   A Second Conversation With Steve Koenig

Gunter Hampel: On Monk, Henze, & The Universe - A Conversation with Steve Koenig
Yoko Ono: Action, Peace, Dance Peace: A Conversation With Steve Koenig
Noam Chomsky on Terrorism - Interview by John Bolender

Musicians' Gifts: Free Downloads
Tom Djll –Scape 1 and Scape 2 (ElectroAcoustic)
Radio I-Ching - Live at Downtown Music Gallery January 2012
Catherine Sikora - solo sax Live at Downtown Music Gallery
Groupthink – Psych improv Live at Downtown Music Gallery
Dave Scanlon and Nonoko Yoshida - Live at DTMG d- guitar and saxophone duo
Sergio Rivas - The Weather Is Hot: Homenaje a Charles Bukowski
David Grollman, Brad Henkel and Valerie Kuehne Live at DTMG 2009 - percussion, trumpet, cello
Tony Malaby and Ben Gerstein Live at DTMG 2009 - tenor and trombone duo
Gato Loco de Bajo: Live at Downtown Music Gallery
Bassentric and Steve Dalachinsky Live at Local 269
Steve Swell's Nation of We with Steve Dalachinsky: What Matters Most
Marc Thorman: On The Road: A Kerouac Musicircus (ElectroAcoustic)
Chris Kelsey and François Grillot: Smells Like Free Jazz - courtesy of Chris Kelsey

Outtakes 6 by Steve Dalachinsky: Shipp, Perelman, Fujiyama, Poetry Books
Conversations - by William Parker. Book Review by Steve Dalachinsky
Outtakes- Take 4: Walter Thompson with Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor's 80th, BOAC,
   RUCMA and more - Column by Steve Dalachinsky

Outtakes - Take 3: QBICO vinyl, new CDs, recent gigs, Ashley's operas, Blitzstein, and more:
   Column by Steve Dalachinsky

Elliott Carter and The New Merkin Concert Hall - by Steve Dalachinsky
Under the Radar - Reviews by Robert Reigle and Steve Koenig

Record Reviews
Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me - Steve Koenig
New Zion and Rudd-Saft-Dunn-Pandi - by Craig Nixon
Jeff Davis : Dragon Father – by Craig Nixon
Dane Rudhyar - Four Pentagrams, Paeans, Granites, Prophetic Rite - by Robert Reigle

David Kappy, French horn - Gone - by Robert Reigle
Billy Hart - All Our Reasons + Gig - by Craig Nixon
Gubaidulina - Canticle of the Sun - by Steve Koenig
Handel - Acht Grossen Suites by Lisa Snirnova - by Steve Koenig
John Vanore & The Abstract Truth: Curiosity - by Craig Nixon
Yusef Lateef and Adam Rudolph Concertos: Towards The Unknown - review by Steve Koenig
Adam Rudolph and Ralph Jones: Yčyí - by Steve Koenig
Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel - by Steve Koenig
Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2009
Najma Akhtar and Gary Lucas: Rishte - by Steve Koenig
John Adams: Doctor Atomic Symphony - by Steve Koenig
Alarm Will Sound: a/rhythmia - by Steve Koenig
Label Report: nonClassical Records - by Steve Koenig
Michael Daugherty: Metropolis Symphony - by Steve Koenig
Jon Irabagon with Mike Pride: I Don't Hear Nothing But The Blues - by Steve Koenig
Freddy Cole: The Dreamer In Me - by Steve Koenig
Mementos: Modern Orchestral Works - by Steve Koenig
Radulescu String Quartet Nr. 4 - by Robert Reigle
Machaut Motets: Hilliard Ensemble - by Robert Reigle
Textile Orchestra: For the Boss - by Steve Koenig
Reimann's opera Lear- by Steve Koenig
Reimann: Works for Clarinet - by Steve Koenig
Quatuor Molinari: Concours Molinari 2005-2006 - by Steve Koenig
Antón García Abril: Madre Asturias: A Collection of Asturian Songs - by Steve Koenig
Bright Sheng's The Phoenix - by Steve Koenig
Modern Jazz Quartet DVDs: 35th and 40th Anniversary Tours - by Steve Koenig
Wagner's Das Rheingold: Weimar, St. Clair, DVD - review by Steve Koenig
Mark O'Connor: Double Violin Concerto - by Steve Koenig
Mesut Cemil: Turkish Instrumental Improvisations, Vocal and Instrumental Compositions
    & Cairo Eastern Congress Recordings, 1932 - Yoram Arnon

Igor Stravinsky: The Robert Craft Edition: The Ballets - by Steve Koenig
Martyn Bates/Troum: To A Child Dancing In The Wind - by Steve Koenig
Viktoria Tolstoy: My Russian Soul - by Steve Koenig
Marcus Roberts Trio: New Orleans Meets Harlem vol. I - by Craig Nixon
Bipolar: Euphrates, Me Jane - by Steve Koenig
Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Paul Desmond, On The Radio: Live 1956-57
    - Review by Stefan Pohlit

Sonny G. (Salvatore Guagliardo): I'll Be Laughing Tonight - by Steve Koenig
DRG Records: A Label Report - by Steve Koenig
Drone Records: A Label Report - by Steve Koenig

Savina Yannatou. Primavera en Salonico: Songs of An Other - Review by Steve Koenig
Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Anja Lechner, U.T. Gandhi: Melos - Review by Steve Koenig
The Barry Sisters: Our Way (Tahka-Tahka) - Review by Steve Koenig
Fujiya & Miyagi: Lightbulbs - Review by Steve Koenig

Acoustic Levitation's BEST OF 2008


Outtakes - Take 3: Ashley's operas, Zorn/Foreman, The Living Theater/Jack Gelber, Blitzstein:
   Column by Steve Dalachinsky

The Living Theater vs. HAIR - by Steve Dalachinsky

Paris Butoh Festival: Unwounded by Gravity - by Diego Costa
Outtakes- Take 4: Dean Moss/Yoon Jin Kim, Karole Armitage and Sally Silvers
   - Column by Steve Dalachinsky

Dance: Strings Attached: Joe Goode Troupe's Wonderboy - by Diego Costa

Bodies Being Bodies: Mackenzie's Spread with Kutcher and Heche - by Diego Costa
Origin of The World: Bressane's Herb of the Rat - by Diego Costa
The Torturing Cure: Lars von Trier's AntiChrist - by Diego Costa
'Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris, dir. by Raymond de Felitta - by Steve Koenig
Otto, or Up With Dead People, dir. by Bruce LaBruce - by Diego Costa
Outtakes - Take 3: Finnish film by Tuevo Tulio: Column by Steve Dalachinsky
Inside Out In The Open: An Expressionist Journey Into The Music Known As Free Jazz:
    A documentary by Alan Roth - by Steve Koenig
J'aimerais Partager Le Printemps Avec Quelqu'un - by Diego Costa

Virtual JFK: Vietnam if Kennedy Had Lived - by Diego Costa
The Politics Of Dancing: Tony Manero dir. by Pablo Larrain - by Diego Costa

Steve Dalachinsky- Heavy Sleep
Steve Dalachinsky- Foundations

Steve Dalachinsky- Stuttering Napkins (For Paul Blackburn)
Outtakes 6 by Steve Dalachinsky: Shipp, Perelman, Fujiyama, Poetry Books
Nick Johnson at the Cornelia St. Cafe' 2011

Concept Score #31 - by Jake Marmer
Steve Dalachinsky - Poems for Butch Morris
Michael Jay Price – for Gilbert Sorrentino, Ben Webster and Pee Wee Russell
Concept Scores - by Jake Marmer
Reaching Into The Unknown - by Steve Dalachinsky
Window and Doorway - by Steve Swell
Eugenia Macer-Story - Calculations from Scratch
Elizabeth Veldon – Three Works
Tribute to Adrienne Rich: An Audio Celebration of Her Writings
Poems by Eugenia Macer-Story: Odessa Café, Bastille Day, Fitna 9/11
I Remember and The Passenger Seated Next To Me and
   – by Robin Small-McCarthy

Michael Jay Price - Tradition Trade Tragedy and other poems
Hilary Sideris - Four More Keith Richards Poems
Castled - by Susan Maurer
Agoraphobia and City Vision - by Austin Alexis
Back To Jack! An Audio Celebration of Jack Kerouac
Howl Yowl Redux: An Audio Celebration of Allen Ginsberg
William S. Burroughs Bash at the Yippie Museum Café
Hilary Sideris - Four Keith Richards Poems
Hands of Escher - by Jack M. Freedman
Linda Lerner - Four Poems
Avant-garde - by Patricia Carragon
Eye Sense - by Patricia Carragon
Guernica Revisted - by Jack M. Freedman
Generation Beat at the Yippie Museum Café
Cindy Hochman - Love and Medicine and other poems
Jungle Music - by John J. Trause
Playing - by John J. Trause
Matthew Shipp so/lo @ tribes 3/13/10 - by
Steve Dalachinsky
White - by Bruce Weber
No - by Bruce Weber
sometimes willy coos up to rhyme - by Bruce Weber
Sleep - by Barry Wallenstein
Seeing Charles (For Charles Tyler) - by Barry Wallenstein
In New Orleans - by Barry Wallenstein
Beat Angel Blues, for Harold Norse - by Valery Oisteanu
Steve Dalachinsky and Bassentric Live at Local 269
Harold Norse: Celebration of His Life at Cornelia St Café
Steve Dalachinsky with Steve Swell's Nation of We: What Matters Most.
For Michael Jackson (1982) - by Steve Koenig
The Ballad of the Bark - by Steve Koenig
For Miko - by Jim Ryan
Elves - by Jim Ryan
Can't Get There - by Jim Ryan
Just A talk about exCept - a mesostic poem composed and performed by Marc Thorman
McCoy ... McCoy (Tyner) - by Len Fraser
Score #1 for Synthesizing # 2 - by Vernon Frazer
Punkboy Blues - by Steve Koenig
1998 - by David Messineo
Grito Verde at Teatro Amazonas - by David Messineo
Uplift - by David Messineo
Paris - by Eve Packer
blue horn - by Eve Packer
for John Hicks - by Barry Wallenstein
Stones and Pillows - by Michael Jay Price

Conversations - by William Parker. Book Review by Steve Dalachinsky
It Still Moves: Lost Songs, Lost Highways, and the Search for the Next American Music
    by Amanda Petrusich. Review by Evrim Hikmet Özler

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